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Local Craft Brands, Valentine Distilling Co. and McClure’s Pickles, Team Up to Drive Detroit’s Manufacturing Renaissance


Introducing the Bloody Mary Mix Kit Made by Michiganders Exclusively for Michiganders

Ferndale, MI – Around here, we’re proud of comebacks. And while Detroit is known as the comeback city, it’s not the geography that’s made the renaissance…. it’s the people that live and work here that make it thrive. Rifino Valentine of Valentine Distilling Co. and co-founder Joe McClure of McClure’s Pickles are two of the pioneers using their high-end craft products to lead the resurgence in Detroit. These are two people passionate about the quality of the products manufactured by their companies. They have decided to create a unique way to share that quality with their fans this season.

Very few things in Michigan go together as well as football and tailgating. But what better pairing to enjoy on a crisp, autumn football weekend than two favorite products from Valentine Distilling Co. and McClure’s Pickles. The two Detroit-based companies have teamed up to make the perfect Bloody Mary box kit for this season’s football tailgates, and as the weather turns cooler, it also makes a unique gift for those you plan on celebrating the upcoming holidays with. All of this while bringing the manufacturing spirit back to the mitten state at the same time. Available in limited quantities, the kit features two glasses, a fifth of Valentine vodka, and a McClure’s Bloody Mary mix jar for $29.99.

Some may not see the correlation between spirits and pickles, but these companies did. Valentine and McClure’s have had a lifelong business relationship. Working together for years as friends, and now partners as they collaborate on this product release, the two companies have extraordinary synergy and strong dedication to Detroit and aim to share that dedication with the world.

“McClure’s and I understand the value in high-quality, local products. Our companies have seen tremendous growth over the past few years and are making a name for Michigan-made products. We want to show football fans what Detroit products are made of. And what better time than tailgating season?” said Rifino Valentine, president and founder of Valentine Distilling Co.

“This kit is unlike any other. The highest quality ingredients of two unique products. It’s a win win-win for Michigan and Detroit,” noted Valentine.

From production to packaging to placement, Valentine Distilling Co. and McClure’s Pickles are putting every ounce of Detroit into this product. Even the packaging is designed and built by Driven Creative Supply Co., a branding agency located in Pleasant Ridge.

This season’s Bloody Mary mix kit is made by Michiganders exclusively for Michiganders. It will hit shelves mid-to-late September at some of Michigan’s most convenient shopping centers including Meijer and Kroger as well as other area retailers while supplies lasts.

“This is two Detroit brands making something pretty damn awesome,” said Joe McClure, co-founder of McClure’s Pickles.

Information regarding locations and distributors can be found on Valentine Distilling Co.’s website.
About Valentine Distilling Co.
Established in 2007 and among the nation’s first craft distilleries, Valentine Distilling Co. is an American pioneer of small batch, handcrafted spirits. In early 2016, Valentine Vodka was announced as winner of “World’s Best Vodka” by The World Vodka Awards in London. And most recently, Valentine Distilling Co. shared its first television commercial with viewers around the world to celebrate this award. The company’s award-winning vodka, gin, and bourbon are available in seven states, Western Europe and Ontario. In the tradition of Detroit’s manufacturing leadership, Ferndale, Michigan-based Valentine Distilling Co. is dedicated to American ingenuity, quality manufacturing, and small batch distilling using old world techniques that create superior products.

Valentine Distilling Co. | 965 Wanda Street, Ferndale, Michigan 48220
Valentine Distilling Co. Cocktail Lounge | 161 Vester Street, Ferndale, Michigan 48220
www.ValentineDistilling.com | www.facebook.com/ValentineVodka |www.twitter.com/ValentineVodka | Media Kit

About McClure’s Pickles
In 2006, using Great Grandmother Lala’s recipe, brothers Bob and Joe McClure started the McClure’s family company with the founding of McClure’s Pickles. A family-owned and operated company headquartered in Detroit, McClure’s ensures they get the best, freshest produce available. Every jar is hand packed by one of its talented team members. All products are all natural, gluten-free (pickles, relish, bloody mary, all-natural chips, brine), and kosher certified (Michigan Kosher Supervisors, OU). Distributing to more than 4,000 national and independent retailers throughout the U.S., U.K., Australia, and New Zealand, McClure’s currently produces high-quality, all-natural pickles, specialty drink mixers, and premium salty snacks.

McClure’s Pickles | 8201 St. Aubin Street, Detroit, Michigan 48211
www.mcclures.com | www.facebook.com/mcclurespickles