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Valentine Distilling Co. Cleans Up at Largest National Craft Spirit Competition

Ferndale, MI – Valentine Distilling Co., one of the nation’s first craft distilleries, is no stranger to national recognition. The American Distilling Institute’s 2018 Judging of Craft Spirits awarded Valentine Distilling 10 total medals including 3 Best of Category Winners. on March 27 in Portland, Oregon.


“It feels good to know we were up against some of the top distilleries in the world, and even some of our neighbors here in Michigan,” said Rifino Valentine, owner of Valentine Distilling. “These awards are important to us, because I started this company to not only compete on a national level, but with the best brands in the world. I’ve always said, we’re not a local distillery, we’re a world-recognized distillery that happens to be located where you live.”


The American Distilling Institute’s (ADI) Judging of Craft Spirits is known as the largest and most respected competition devoted to craft spirits. While other Michigan distilleries were competing in the event, Valentine Distilling Co. received the highest quality awards.


“We’re beating out spirits from a few cities away to several countries away,” said Valentine.


Valentine Distilling’s complete list of awards from the ADI includes:



The judging process consists of each judge assigned to specific classes of spirit that play to the expertise of the specific judges at the table. The judges are picked to provide a mix of experience between various areas within the spirits industry — distillers, wholesalers, importers, retailers, bartenders, educators, and journalists/writers, according to the ADI website.


By receiving these awards, the spirits listed above are ADI Certified as Craft Blended Spirits and Certified Craft Distilled based on the notoriety.


Valentine products began in a local Michigan community, but has always had the vision to be a globally-recognized brand maintaining quality above all else. Consistently recognized for excellence in national and international competitions, Valentine Distilling Co. continues to produce some of the finest vodka, gin, and whiskeys in the world.


For the full list of award recipients, visit the ADI website.